under my skin

This was on my list of songs to do, when I was originally thinking of putting together an album of forties and fifties classics - my mum had given me a list of wonderful suggestions, when she heard my version of The Way You Look Tonight. Then I noticed a number of other albums being released, with similar themes, and I decided not to do that, but to build an eclectic mix of songs that suited each other - some original, some covers. A friend who co-wrote one of the other songs on the album, Geoffrey Richardson, asked if there were any string arrangements that I wanted, as that is what he does, beautifully. Under My Skin came to mind - I've always thought that it's a much darker, more haunting song than the way it is usually performed. But in putting a demo together to send Geoffrey - a rhythm track of purely arco bass, cello and a top line - I realised I had pretty much arranged it myself. All that remained was to have it played on real instruments. Will Harris, our wonderful bass player wrote it out in note form, from my demo, and he and Alison Gillies, on cello, laid down the fundamental track.

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