Welcome to Staring At The Sun

When I recorded Music For Elevators, in 2001, with George Sarah, it was very definitely a mix of Electronic and my own style.  It was eclectic.  It was also very LA, since I set out to include people I worked and studied with when I was shooting Buffy.

It's now 2014, and people have often asked me for an "acoustic" album, as a follow up.  Rather than ten tracks of me playing guitar, which would have been limited, to say the least, I took the brief as a challenge to record with nothing but acoustic instruments.  And we pretty much followed through with it - okay, Hammond organ isn't acoustic, but the organ as an instrument itself, could be argued to be..?  I'm just saying. 

Staring At The Sun, has a very individual, "British" feel.  It too, is eclectic.  It was recorded at Riverside studios in Bath, where we live, and involved a lot of friends and local musicians.  And I'm very proud of it.  

Go to anthonyhead.com for artwork to accompany the downloadable album