highway highway

I was introduced to Stephen Allen Davis, who wrote this song, by a friend in LA. He gave me The Light Pink Album, and I instantly loved this man's music. Highway Highway resonated so strongly with me, away from my family, driving another road. When I wanted to torture myself - well, release some emotion - I would play this song in my car, and weep. It still has a profound effect on me, even now. It is a beautiful song, by a man whose music should be better known. It was originally recorded, by him, as a guitar track - I wanted to bring something new to it, if I was going to include it on my album. So, when I asked my friend Tom MacDonald, in LA, to record a piano version of Behind Blue Eyes, I asked him to have a bash at this song too.
I added the live version of it as a bonus track, because someone said I should - simple as that.

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